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February 15th, 2009

At the moment I am in London, staying at the Jesuit house near Swiss Cottage. And near Abbey Road, which of course I find very cool, thus showing my age. Today I have Dim Sum with my 3 year old goddaughter (and her parents); tomorrow, lunch with my editor at the Tablet and dinner with </b></a>purplecthulhu .

Tuesday I fly to NYC, stay overnight at the airport, Wednesday continue on to LAX, staying with the Jesuits at Loyola Marymount University. (Different people paying for different legs of the trip, hence the odd split.) I visit the Boeing plant in Los Angeles on Thursday morning, then give a talk at the Adventurer's Club that evening.

Friday I fly to San Francisco and stay with the Jesuits at USF. I hope to see my old friends Cliff, who sells Klein bottles (http://www.kleinbottle.com); Brooke, who I knew in Peace Corps and who works at the Lawrence Hall of Science; and Brian, the science comedian: http://www.sciencecomedian.com/

Monday I drive to UC Merced for a talk on Tuesday.

Wednesday to Tucson, for a staff meeting of the observatory; Thursday in Tucson is the annual seminar of the Vatican Observatory Foundation (I am speaking) and Friday our annual foundation board meeting. I stay in Tucson, visiting friends and doctors (a cavity to be drilled on Monday, oh joy) until the following Thursday, when I make a lightning visit to Chicago... staying with the Jesuits at Loyola University.

Friday, March 6, I speak at the Adler Planetarium at 7 pm for the Far Out Friday program: http://www.adlerplanetarium.org/fof/

Saturday I am off to upstate New York. After spending the weekend with my cousins in Rochester, I am off to Cornell University for a couple of days in residence at Hans Bethe House, giving talks there. The end of that week I fly back to Chicago to catch a plane to Manchester England England across the Atlantic Sea, then a train to York.

Assuming I make all my connections, I speak at the York Festival of Science the evening of Friday, March 13 at The Hospitium, Yorkshire Museums and Gardens.


After visiting friends in Yorkshire, I fly back to Rome on the 15th.



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