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April 12th, 2009

Easter with family

 I'm taking a quiet moment to post, sitting in my parents' home listening to Tales of Hoffman on their stereo, waiting for my brother and sister to arrive.

I flew in into Tampa on Thursday, Sue arrived from New Jersey to her son John's place up in Clearwater on Friday, they picked up my brother Win from Marquette last night. The whole family will be here, Englewood Florida, for Easter dinner. Then us kids (Sue and Win are in their 60s, I am the baby of the family at 56) are renting a condo by the beach for the next week. 

Such an odd thing in this day and age: our complete family together... though only one of Sue's kids can make it, and neither her husband nor Win's wife can be here. We're intact, no deaths or divorces or family squabbles. Every year like this I appreciate even more.

My dad is "near 90" -- near, but getting farther away every day from 90 every day! (I. e., on other side of 90.) His birthday was Tuesday, as it happened -- he celebrated 91 by going online and buying a couple of Connie Willis books, along with looking (so far, unsuccessfully) for a good eBook reader that does what he's looking for: one that works with a Mac and loads pdf files from Project Gutenberg.

My mom is still this side of 90, but looking forward to the next convention of the diocese Council of Catholic Women where she will finally retire as parliamentarian. She was elected president of that council back when she was 80, and is (I suspect) still a secret master of the universe. I spent the morning tuning up *her* computer (she won't let my dad touch it, which is probably wise!) and adding this blog to her bookmarks on Safari.

My sister, a school teacher, is counting the years left towards her 30-and-out retirement. But in fact she loves teaching, and will miss it I am sure.

My brother is the blues musician (those of you living in Marquette know him as Fast Eddie) and will enjoy the wonderful accumulation of Rory Gallagher swag I have accumulated.

I had just pulled out my cell phone to call Sue and see when they hoped to get here, when the phone rang -- her, letting us know they were on the road. Time to clean up my stuff before they arrive!



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