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May 23rd, 2009

Last of travels

 My life is traveling faster that I did, and I am falling further behind on these postings...

Two fun things in Boston; first, I got to see the NESFA clubhouse for the first time; and second, at the last minute (thanks to Leslie posting about my visit) I got an invitation from mabfan to come visit for a few minutes, stopping en route on the Green Line back to my digs at Boston College from dinner with my old roommate Paul and his wife (Legal Seafood, as good as 30 years ago). Very hectic, and all the more fun because of it.

Flew to London, visited with my goddaughter's new (three weeks old) brother... and the parents of same. Their mom, Sara, is a meteoriticist who was in Antarctica with me; the dad, Riz, is what we would call a lawyer but which type in Britain I can never remember. He either solicits or advocates, neither of which sounds appealing. But he's a great guy... except that he is very well read, and so always wants to chat about philosophy with me, thinking that because I am a Jesuit I know what he's talking about. (Of course, what I do is listen carefully to him so that I can steal what he says for the next person who engages me in such a conversation, thus keeping up the illusion...)

Then a week in Prague at a meeting about bolides in honor of the Pribram fall in 1959. I presented the data that I got the previous week in Boston. The highlight of the meeting was hearing about the object discovered last October, just 20 hours before it hit northern Sudan, and then how the pieces of it were actually recovered in the desert by a team of students from the University of Khartoum. 

A day in London mostly sleeping, and then I finally got back home to Rome on Monday. Well, sort of home... see next post.



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