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September 7th, 2009

A beautiful day in Rome

 Nothing profound... just that it's in the low 20's (mid 70's F), humidity around 40%, sunny, light breeze; just a gorgeous September day in Italy.
Portugal, Sept. 8 - 13
Attending: Darwin Conference/European Jesuits in Science meeting

Rome, Sept. 14 - 16
Back to work for a few days...

London, Sept. 17-21
Thurs: Talk to “The Keys” (Guild of Catholic Writers)
Fri: Visit NHM; visit University College
Mon: Train to Ely; staying with the (Anglican) Bishop

Lille, France, Sept. 22 - 23
Tues Sept. 22 bus/train to Lille
Staying at: La Maison Diocésaine d’Accueil, Merville, France
Wed: Speaking to Ely (Anglican) Diocese priests, "Small Truths in Large Spaces"

London, Sept. 24
Thurs: Eurostar to London

New York City, Sept. 25 - 26
Staying with Dan and Léonie Davis (my Turn Left at Orion co-conspirators; we are preparing a 4th Edition)

Nashville, TN, Sept. 27 - 28
Speaking at: Montgomery Bell Academy, "God, Astronomy, and the Search for Elegance"

Pensacola, FL, Sept. 29 - 30
Wed: Speaking at: Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), "Meteorites, Asteroids and the Stratigraphy of the Solar System" and "The Religious Life of Techies

Orlando, Oct. 1 - 2
Working at: U. Central Florida

Tampa, Oct. 3
Drive to Tampa; visit with parents.

Puerto Rico, Oct. 4-7

Attending: Annual Meeting, American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences

Detroit, Oct. 8 - 14
Attending: Conclave SF Convention (Science Guest of Honor)
Sun: Speaking to U. Mich. amateur astronomers
Mon: Speaking at U Mich. Dearborn, Detroit Science Center.

London, Oct. 15-16
Fri: Speaking at: London Diocese “Symposium on the Word of God”

Georgia, Oct. 17
Speaking at: Peach State Star Gaze, Deerlick Astronomy Village

Syracuse, NY, Oct. 18 - 27

Teaching at: LeMoyne University (half semester course on cosmology)

Rome, Oct. 27 - 31
Attending: Opening of Vatican 400 Years of the Telescope exhibit, Vatican Museums 




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