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October 21st, 2009

Pink Floyd and Marxism

Sorry for the long delay posting. After Conclave I was staying at the Jesuit residence of U of Detroit High and they share their internet with the high school, which blocks sites like facebook and LJ. Then I was in London, Ontario, staying at the seminary in a room without internet connection. Then less than 24 hours in Georgia with no time. Finally I arrived in Syracuse on Sunday night; here, Wednesday am, is my first chance to blog.

While at the high school, I was asked to talk to students. I had been a student there in 1966-70. Having me talk to these kids was like having someone from the class of 1930 talking to us when we were students. Ouch.

I am teaching the second half of a course at LeMoyne College (a small, 2500 student, Jesuit undergraduate school on a hilltop in the middle of upstate New York famous mostly for its large snowfalls) called "Dynamic Creation" which looks at the interaction between cosmology and theology. Guess which half I am covering! More about that in later posts.

I will be here for two months, until the end of the term. Except, of course, for the trip to Rome for the last weekend in October; to Binghamton the following weekend, NYC the weekend after that, Houston the next weekend, then Rochester for Thanksgiving...

So what does my title have to do with anything? I was walking across campus yesterday and saw a student wearing a ratty Dark Side of the Moon tee-shirt. My first thought was that his parents were barely born when that record came out. (I heard Floyd perform it live, a year before the album came out.) Then I thought to myself, when my generation was in college did we go around glorying in bits of 40 year old pop culture?

Actually, yes, we did. The Marx Brothers. The cover of a Firesign Theatre album came to mind...

Hurrah for Captain Spalding! Shorter of breath, another day closer to death. Somehow seeing Pink Floyd as the Marx Brothers of the Millenials does nothing to make me feel younger.



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