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July 13th, 2010

Midsummer update

And here's my summer so far...

A month ago, I was at the Observatory outside Rome, helping out with our biennial summer school and working in the lab. Then I flew to Philadelphia for a workshop on Trans-Neptunian Objects (where I talked about our observations of their colors at our telescope); then up to Stony Brook to work with my co-author Dan on the latest edition of our how-to-use-a-telescope book; then a few days with my sister, a schoolteacher who lives on the New Jersey coast, which included sailing with her husband and visiting her grandkids (3 year old twins).

Now I am at a Jesuit villa house in Cape May, looking at the beach and the Atlantic, while trying to put together my next conference presentation. Next week I return to Manhattan to do my 8 day silent retreat, followed by the Meteoritical Society meeting in Manhattan, where I will be giving the paper I should be working on now instead of writing this.

The last weekend in July, I fly off to Traverse City with my high school classmate Dennis (we shared an apartment in Boston, thirty years ago) to visit other UDHS alums and attend the Civil War Historic Artillery Match in Grayling. Then I am off to San Jose (giving a talk at the Googleplex); to Australia for ten days of observing for our Turn Left revision; to Tucson, where technically I live, for a rare one-week appearance punctuated mostly by visiting doctor and dentist and doing laundry; to Chicago, for the wedding of Dennis' daughter and a week with beamjockey discussing the search for the elusive Higgins particle (much more "in" than the Higgs particle); then off to the UK for a series of talks, finally getting back to Rome in late September.

In other words, a typical summer. It's a fun life, if rather rootless... "the living it is hard, oh, But it suits me well."

The final "when they were 25" tracklist

A comment from archiver_tim  on another posting refers to an earlier post where I was putting together a playlist for my godson who turns 25 this month; he wanted to know what I finally came up with. Here's the final play list:

When Mozart was your age... (Another Birthday Album)

1. Eric Clapton (b 1945): Let it Rain (Clapton, released 1970)
2. George Harrison (b. 1943): While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles, 1968)
3. David Crosby (b. 1941) Eight Miles High (single, 1966) The Byrds
4. John Lennon (b. 1940): Norwegian Wood (Rubber Soul, 1965)
5. Paul McCartney (b. 1942): Penny Lane (single, released 1967)
6. Joe Cocker (b. 1944): With a Little Help from My Friends (recorded at Woodstock, 1969)
7. Bob Dylan (b. 1941): Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues (Blonde on Blonde, 1966)
8. Jimi Hendrix (b. 1942): Purple Haze (Are You Experienced?, 1967)
9. Marty Balin (b. 1942): 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds (Surrealistic Pillow, 1967) -- Jefferson Airplane
10.Jack Bruce (b. 1943): Deserted Cities of the Heart (Wheels of Fire, 1968) -- Cream
11.Ian Anderson (b. 1947): Living in the Past (Living in the Past, 1972) -- Jethro Tull
12.Mick Jagger (b. 1943): Jumping Jack Flash (single, 1968)
13.Bob Seger (b 1945): Mongrel (Mongrel, 1970) – The Bob Seger System
14.Pete Townshend (b 1945): My Generation/Magic Bus (Live at Leeds, 1970) -- The Who

I thank everyone for their suggestions; some got left off simply because they didn't fit musically with the other songs on the list (Psycho Killer) or due to lack of space. I was tempted to go with Sympathy for the Devil and Lucifer, but I thought that would be too obvious...



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