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September 5th, 2010

Where is Br Guido, September 2010 edition

New York City, September 5
Staying at Ignatius Community (83rd St.)

London, September 6-8
Staying at Copleston House
Tuesday: Visiting/working at the Natural History Museum
Wednesday: speaking at La Sainte Union School

Glasgow, September 9-10
Thursday: Speaking at Glasgow Science Centre
Friday: Prize Giving, St. Aloysius College

New York City, September 11
Staying at Ignatius Loyola Community (83rd St.)

Greenbank, WV, Sept. 12-14
SETI@50 Workshop

Midlands UK, September 15-18
Thursday: Speaking at Manchester Astronomy Soc.
Friday: Speaking at Cardinal Griffin High School; opening, Crannock Observatory
Saturday: Speaking at British Science Festival

Rome, September 19-26
Attending the European Planetary Science Conference
Monday: Public lecture on Astrobiology
Wednesday: paper on meteorite physical properties
Friday: chair education/public outreach session

London, September 27-28
Staying at Copleston House

New York, September 29-October 2

Some notes...

Why the crazy schedule? I try to buy the transatlantic legs ahead of time, then fit my travel to match what I guessed I would be doing. This weekend I guessed wrong; I thought I would be in NYC working with Dan Davis but he was out of town and I had the opportunity to spend the whole week in Chicago, which I jumped at. (Thanks, beamjockey !) I still didn't get to see half of the folks I would have liked to have seen... But that explains why I am flying to NYC today, to get my flight to London tomorrow...

And then, almost at the last minute, I got invited to the SETI at 50 conference, which meant flying back to the US for three days in the middle of my UK trip.

I am pretty fully booked this week in London, but if anyone reading this wants to get together for dinner on either the 27th or 28th I would be up for that...



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