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November 14th, 2010

Sunday routine

 I have two dangerous circumstances in my life: I love my work and I live upstairs from my office. That means that if I were not careful, I would work 24/7 and eventually get stale, get tired, and miss those roses people keep telling me to sniff.

So years ago I instituted a rule that (given my circumstances) I follow religiously: on Saturday evening I shut down my work computer, and it is not booted up again until Monday morning. 

It's tough; I have just been back here to my office less than a week, I have dozens of things I want to get to, and another half dozen that I really must finish asap. But instead...

We watched the 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland last night. While not great, it was actually much better than I had been led to believe, and not just for the vintage special effects.

This morning, I went into Albano for Mass at the cathedral. It's a relatively modern building -- 18th century -- a big barn of a place, far less distinctive than four other churches within 5 minutes' walk (most notably one that dates from the 4th century). And the 9 am Mass is populated mostly with the elderly and infirm. Maybe that's why I like it.

After Mass I came back to the community, had an espresso, cleaned the room, did the laundry. I'm planning on spending the rest of the morning reading science fiction.

I just finished the new Connie Willis, which I though was tremendous; so for comic relief I'm now into a trashy book I'd bought for airplane reading and never got to.

(Actually, on the flight here, I went through a Liaden universe novel... which I realized once I had started that I had read before; that had lots of nit-picky plot/character/universe problems... and that I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading anyway.)



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