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August 27th, 2011

Traveling monologue

Well, I have a free Saturday and a dozen projects I ought to be working on, so of course I would rather be posting here...

I am in Tucson now, here for a week to see various doctors, dentists, etc. for routine checkups. I got a "heart scan" which I was told came out quite clean; that tempted me to celebrate by going out and having a greasy breakfast, but I resisted. Thanks to such resistance, I was also able to go buy a couple pair of Levis with a 32 inch waist... two years ago I wore a 38, so that's a minor victory of sorts. I also have ordered new eyeglasses -- as often happens, I am told, with my advancing age my nearsightedness has actually gotten a little better!

Before Tucson was Worldcon. Great fun. I saw a few people I knew; many more people who know me came up and said hi... I also managed not to see a number of friends whom I am pretty sure were here, but whose orbits did not intersect mine. A fun time, nonetheless.

Aside from some wonderful meals with people (many on this list) the most memorable non-event was standing in line for breakfast on Sunday in front of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I have only recently discovered (thanks to michelleqm) the Liaden universe, and reading their books hopelessly out of order has been great fun, as I serendipitously stumble upon some minor character in one that turns out to be central in another. So I was torn... do I go all fanboy over them, or let them eat breakfast. I did the latter. Fact is, I have found lots of things in their books that I would argue they didn't do "right" (for various values of right)... but I also eagerly buy their latest as soon as it comes out. In hardcover. (So much for that vow of poverty, I know...)

Next weekend (Labor Day) I will be visiting friends in Santa Fe. The following week I will be in Baton Rouge. Then I am scheduled to fly to New Jersey, visit my newly-retired sister (today is her birthday -- 65!) and spend a few days in Cape May... assuming it is still there by then.

I end with a little scene from my last week in London, before flying off to Reno. It was just a moment, seen on a residential street near where the Jesuits have a house where I stay when I am in town. A young mum with a toddler in a stroller had just arrived at the front gate to a house where another young mum with a toddler awaited them. The two toddlers saw each other; the one at the door let out an excited squeal, and the one in front of me started jumping up and down in ecstatic joy at being about to go play with his friend. When adults show that much excitement at seeing each other, the cynic in me is tempted to attribute it to something they might be "getting" from each other, some business deal, or sex, or the ability to gain prestige or affirmation or one-up the other by one's clever conversation. But here were two small kids who were just darn happy to be with each other, period. It's nice to remember what love is really supposed to be like. 



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