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February 20th, 2012

Conned out

An exhausting if fun week started with Capricon and ended with Boskone. I was on way too many panels, as usual, and can't think of any one I would have skipped, as usual. I think the highlight of Capricon programming was hearing beam jockey talk about Jacquard Looms -- I stole his material to put into my column this month at The Tablet -- and certainly my most fun time at Boskone was interviewing Lee and Miller... little did I know that only a few hours later, they would be receiving the Skylark Award!

I got to see lots of friends, none of them for long enough, and missed seeing others I wanted to sit and chat with for much, much longer. Among them, smofbabe was supposed to have been at Boskone but if I did get to see her it was all in a blur.

In my last posting, about traveling with two iPhones, she had replied by noting that " you should be able to just switch the Italian SIM card for the US SIM card when you travel"... patiently I tried to explain that the guys at the Apple Store had suggested otherwise, and I had read something somewhere on the internet, and besides... so, last evening after the end of Boskone, I went with a friend to a local ATT store. They gave me a smaller SIM card, for free. Today I have my old US number and plan on my new phone. (I ate way too much during these conventions; happy to say, some of that was eating crow. Since me being wrong makes my life easier, I am happy to do so!)



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