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April 8th, 2012

Like much of the Christian world, I spent this morning rediscovering how to remove candle wax from trouser legs. (The old hot-iron-and-newspaper trick works like a charm, thank heavens.)

I hear from the noise out my window (we're right next to the helipad) that the Landlord has arrived for a few days' rest, after what must be his busiest time of the year. (There was a pause in the rain, just long enough for him to land and get in his car for the drive across the Gardens.)

Meanwhile, I am off on Wednesday on a two week trip -- to the US, the UK, and Switzerland.

I am scheduled for two public talks, one about meteorites at Catholic University, Washington DC, on April 12, and the other the English version (translations provided) of the talk I gave in Verona two weeks ago about cosmology in Fribourg on April 23. (I hope the after-talk dinner will be as much fun!) In between I will be spending a week hiking in the Lake District with various old friends, many of whom are on LJ. (Hi there!)

At the end of the month, over the course of two days I hope to be meeting up with a couple of more recent friends who, by coincidence, I found out today have both been nominated for Hugos this year. Forty years ago, when I first got involved with science fiction fandom, I would never have expected to be able to say that. It's not because I didn't have the ambition to meet famous and wonderful people; certainly I hoped to be famous and wonderful myself, by the time I was 60! But rather, I think I would have been surprised to learn that I was still involved in fandom, something that at that time I dismissed as a passing fancy of youth. Shows what kids know.

I would probably also have been baffled, back then, by how my ideas of what constitutes "famous and wonderful" have changed.



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