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December 9th, 2012

A recent thread on Making Light about Christmas Carols mentioned "The Christmas Revels", an album I had bought when I lived in Boston as a post-doc in the late 1970's; it was a great collection of Christmas music, and besides, friends of mine were in the chorus. Seeing the reference there I realized I no longer had that album in an mp3 format, and so I bought it off iTunes. 

But that got me looking at the colleciton of Christmas music I do have. And another album from that era, which I love dearly, has been nearly impossible for me to chase down. I only have an MP3 version made from a poor cassette tape copy of the original vinyl... the tape has been with me since at least my Peace Corps days, thirty years ago.

So manybe someone can help me identify this album. My Google-fu has been unable to find anything useful about it on the internet. I even tried playing a few tracks into Shazam and it was unable to make a match.

The album in question was sung by a choral group; as near as I can recall it was called A Christmas Festival; and it came out before 1983, at least, and probably around 1978.

Side One had the tracks: Jubilate Deo, Magnificat, Jesus Natus Est, Hark Unto Us a Child is Born, There Fell a Heavenly Dew
Side Two had the tracks: Christmas Cantata (parts 1 through 3), Intercedere Pro Nobis, Sing We Our Praises to the Lord, and Noe Noe

Does anyone recognize this album? I would at least like to know who performed on it; I would love to buy a new copy if it were available in a modern (digital) format.



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