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January 6th, 2013

More crazies online

My friend  beamjockey   keeps an eye out for me on Google News and has recently sent me a link to my latest bit of fame... someone whom I gave a serious e-mail interview to, thinking he was a legitimate journalist, but who turned out to be another UFO nut. As Bill put it, "This guy is an expert on 'UFO-related demonology,' so we must take what he writes seriously."

I won't bother linking to the site (for obvious reasons).

I sometimes wonder if these UFO people are sincere but deluded, or if they are in fact deliberate con men. Judging from what I sent him vs what he wrote, one surely would think that this guy falls into the latter camp. His distortions of what I wrote (example, that I sent him a "secret PDF" of what is in fact a booklet that's been on sale for years) are so extreme that one really can't believe they are legitimate misunderstandings.

But if that's so, then why? Why does he feel the need to create such absurdities and publish them on the web? It can't be for the money... I can't imagine he's making any sort of serious cash off his web site, and there's got to be an easier way to make a living (like flipping burgers at McD's) than creating all this load of crap. As a writer once told me, it's nearly as much work to write a bad novel as a good one...

I just have a hard time imagining what's going on inside his head. Which pulls me back to my first theory, that he is in fact so utterly deluded that he really believes this stuff. Or at least at some level wants to. Maybe to himself he says "I'm scamming the marks, I'm smarter than they are..." But even there, why does that seem like an accomplishment to him, to be able to scam the marks? In any event, I feel for the poor guy.

I just wish he hadn't dragged my name into his delusions.



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