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January 26th, 2013

Guy's Travels

I am off tomorrow for a week at an International Space Science Institute workshop in Bern, Switzerland; when I get back I'll have just a few days to play in my new lab before heading to the US and the UK for a series of talks. Since it would be fun to connect up with my friends here, I'll give a listing of places you can find me... all open to the public.

1. UC Merced, Tues Feb 19, 7:30 pm: God's Mechanics
2. SETI Institute, Fri Feb 20, noon: Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer
3. Loyola University Chicago, Mon Feb 25, 4 pm: Loyola Lecture, The End of the World (Yet Again)
4. Ventura County (California) University Series, Thurs Feb 28, 7:30 pm: Science and Religion
5. University of Illinois Foelligner Auditorium, Thurs March 7, 7 pm: The Unfinished Cosmos
6. St Vincent College Perf. Arts Center, Latrobe PA, Mon March 11, 7:30 pm: Brother Astronomer

I'll be hanging out with  beamjockey  the weekend of March 8-9, but otherwise I'm rather tightly scheduled so I don't know who-all I'll be able to see during my travels. Typical. That makes it all the more fun to connect during these talks, when at least I will know where I will be.

FYI I also have some events coming up in the UK in March, including talks at the University of Manchester on March 14, retreat-type stuff in London all day on Saturday March 16 (Mount St. Jesuit Center) and 23 (House of Prayer, Surrey), and a talk in Dublin at Gonzaga College the evening of March 21. More details as the time approaches (or write to me directly if you're interested in attending). I do hope to have time at least one evening free for dinner with whoever is in London at the time... best possibilities include Friday or Saturday, March 15 or 16, or Tuesday the 19th.

[edited to correct the date of the Merced talk]



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