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October 16th, 2013

New books, mine and others'

I am a very busy person, thank you very much, and so (in spite of what you see here) I am most definitely not taking time off to post here.

I have a book due at the end of the month. The writer's block that had been affecting my co-author has burst, and I am now flooded with good stuff from him, which means reworking everything. The first draft is done and it is not too terrible, but the book is certainly not in any shape to show anyone yet.

Since it has significant theological content (the title is, Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial? ) and both my co-author and I are members of a religious order, that means that we have to be sure not to embarrass the order too much with what we say, so it has to go past someone higher up to check for theological howlers. (My last book garnered a comment that "the statement you make on page 213 was specifically condemned by the Council of Nicea". Well, I didn't know... I added the word "not" to that sentence.) But that means that we really need to have a working version of the book in shape well before the contract deadline.

I know, deadlines were designed to whoosh past and all that. If I admitted that to my co-author, I would get nothing out of him. And I have a zillion other things to write as soon as I get back to Rome, so it really needs to get done now.

As it is, this has been a very productive week. We are both in Tucson (for various reasons) and relatively free of the stuff we normally have to do when in Rome, so we've been able to go at it, great guns. We both leave on Friday morning, me for Rome and him for San Francisco (before returning to Rome).

So... having said all that... I just want to say that this was not a good week for Trade Secret,  the latest Lee and Miller Liaden book, to be released (as an e-book). Bad timing. Bad. I do not have time to read it right now. Really. (Glad as I am to be able to purchase it while still in the US, mind you, as getting ebooks online from overseas is sometimes tricky.)

Well, at the very least, I ought to be able to hold off at least until I am on the plane on Friday...



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