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December 7th, 2013

writing-writing-writing… thud

Sunday, I wrote. My iron-clad rule is to never work on Sundays, because everybody needs a break; but with impending deadlines (having spent the previous week in Switzerland writing a paper about Vesta), I was at my desk all day, writing-writing-writing.

Monday, I finished my text for the chapter on Medieval Cosmology, for an upcoming book on Medieval Science Fiction. In the process of it I kept having to deal with my despair at how little I really know about the subject, and how different it is to talk glibly about this stuff on a panel at a local SF convention compared to writing a text that other people may be citing as if I were an expert. Impostor syndrome never goes away. Well, the chapter is done. I hope I haven't told too many lies and that whoever does read it will appreciate the spirit in which it is presented...

Tuesday morning, the Medieval paper was sent off. Thud.

That night I was up until 2 am working with my co-author on the last bits of the ET book. I left him with ten pages to revise. He got those to me (with much weeping and teeth-gnashing) late Wednesday night. I made the changes, and left him a copy of the text for one last read-through on his part. Finally, he got those to me at 10 pm Thursday.

Since both of us had to be up to catch a 7 am train to Rome on Friday (he's off for his annual retreat, I had a meeting in Rome) it really had to be finished then. I skimmed over and accepted virtually all his suggested revisions. At about 11 pm, the text of Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial? was dropped into an email, and sent off to my editor in New York. Thud.

Friday was spent in Rome, attending the first meeting of a scientific advisory council to a newly formed something-or-another on science and faith at the Vatican. I only understood about half of what we were doing there, and why, and that was *after* we switched to English. Met some nice people and got a good pranzo out of the deal, however.

Saturday (today) I was up at 5:30 am to meet a photographer from the Detroit Free Press, here to take pictures of Detroiters at the Vatican. She wanted the morning light. She got it. We drank lots of coffee and talked about the Tigers. All in all, a wonderful time, but I am ready to fall over asleep...



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