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June 21st, 2014

The next two months...

... look to be intense but fun.

I am presently in London, having just finished a two day conference on the 400th anniversary of Heythrop College. I gave a talk about the Jesuits and Science, which went 20 minutes overtime (even though I cut 20 minutes out of the talk). I feel bad about that. Lots of people said they enjoyed it, but I won't let them rob me of my well-earned guilt!

I should be back in Rome by this evening. (I leave for the airport as soon as I finish writing this up.) This will be our last week of our biennial summer school, which has been fun but busy. Thursday we're supposed to head into the Vatican to give the Pope a chance to meet up with us!

Saturday next, I fly back to the UK and head to Buckfast Abbey for an event put on there by the diocese of Plymouth. I will be talking about Extraterrestrials. Then on Monday I fly to Helsinki for the triennial Asteroics-Comets-Meteors meeting. Tuesday I give a paper which, if I do it right, will be very controversial and cause lots of people to hate me! I plan to show that a long-held assumption about Vesta, dating back to 1977, is actually rubbish. Since I was the one who came up with that assumption back then, I need to rubbish it myself before someone else gets to it! I also have a poster there.

On July 5, I head to Zurich, and the next day down to Bern for another meeting at the International Space Science Institute. Then back in Zurich on the 14th for a talk at ETH (about Vesta). Finally, home to Rome.

That gives me two weeks in Rome to pack up my room for my move to Tucson. On August 1 I fly back to London, spend a week in the Lake District, a weekend at Ampleforth, and then head to London for Loncon. On August 20, two months from now, I should arrive in Tucson.



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