brotherguy (brotherguy) wrote,

Rosary pictures

beamjockey  asked for pictures and more details about the rosary made by Teresa Nielsen Hayden that xiphias  sent me:

Center piece: ammonite from Morocco; the “medal” attached is from the Sikhote-Alin meteorite

Paternosters: oblong fossil coral flanked by small oolitic cubes

Ave Marias:
fossilized agate-filled dinosaur bone
agatized Jurassic dinosaur coprolite
brown and ochre coquina shell hash (“elephant jasper”)
crinoid hash (fossil jasper or fossil marble)
fossil coral
stromatolitic or oolitic formations including
Australian tiger iron
Michigan “Mary Ellen” jasper
African Kambaba jasper
Chinese bamboo and peach blossom jasper

Here is the whole piece:

And here it sits just below our Moon Rock in our meteorite display case:


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