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Rant to journalists

I started out life as a journailst, so I have some sympathy for them. Doing really good journalism is very, very difficult. That is why it is so rare.

But between the Sagan medal, and the new book coming out, and some newsworthy science that I presented last month, I have been getting a spate of requests for interviews. Some have been great, others were... well...

So here are some helpful hints that I am sure no journalist will read, but which let me rant for a minute, to improve the odds that I will be a cooperative subject and that you might get a useful story.

1. Spell my name right... in the email asking for the interview, and of course in the story itself.

2. Presumably you are interviewing me because of my position. So get that position correct. I am a brother, not a priest. If I were a Father then maybe I would have written a book called "Father Astronomer" and maybe would I have an email address that starts with "fatherguy". But I didn't. Wonder why?

3. Do your homework. I have the world's easiest name to Google, so please at least read the Wikipedia article that someone posted about me... and then, ask me if the details there are correct. (Some of them are not. This is Wikipedia, remember?) Find out, before you ask, the things that anyone could find out without reading your article, so that you can write an article with things have not yet been found out.

4. Realize that I can Google you, too. And I will. If I find anything on your page that relates to UFOs, the interview is off. Period.

5. Before asking me about my book, or about any of the topics I cover in my book, read my book. You might even ask my publisher to send you a copy.

Journalists are targets for all kinds of abuse nowadays, often by people who don't want their doings exposed in the public press. Please, we need good journalists and good journalism. Don't enable the abusers by making yourself an easy target for mockery.


Dec. 21st, 2014 02:17 am (UTC)
I think I know what you meant, but... really, now... there are lots of UFOs -- "Unidentified Flying Objects" -- flitting about. Not only for people as decrepit as I've become, who can't tell if one of them is a red-tailed hawk or a Piper cub, but for people who are much more qualified. I think that, to be fair & scientific, you'd need to check out that Journalist's article on UFOs and consign it (& the Journalist, perhaps figuratively) to damnation only if there were an indication that "Space Aliens" are involved. Mind you, I've not yet seen a flying object that turned out to be Superman, though I keep hoping.



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